The redfox story

He was the man with the trained rescue dogs.

That is how Earl “Red Fox” will always be remembered. Born in the Great Depression, Earl fought many battles in his time, and always leaped any obstacle in his path. Earl's vast repository of mechanical know-how and knack for building “sleepers” made him a well-respected figure around the Minnesota Dragways, for decades.

Red’s interest in glass began in his childhood, and as a young adult he cut molds and began hand pressing glass for design and use as reflectors for car and motorcycle license plates

Red had dozens of rescue dogs, and he would train and appoint them in clothing and sunglasses at auto and motorcycle events, delighting the crowds and especially the children. He was a well known fixture at all of major national swap meets and shows.
Red passed away peacefully, Feb 26th 2022.

Since 1974, Red Fox Enterprises has been creating styled glass reflectors with many fixture designs for a wide variety of applications. We start with the highest quality glass, hand pressed in the USA, and ensure each every component is sourced & made in America. It is with pride and commitment that we carry on this American craft of hand-pressed glass decoration into its 50th year and beyond.

Sadly, we lost Red in February of 2022, but we have adopted his quality and commitment to continue to move towards 50 years of production, in 2024!

A percentage of all profits are donated to Disabled American Veterans and animal rescue organizations, Full Moon Farm and Coco's Heart.

At Red Fox Enterprises, your satisfaction is always guaranteed.
Please feel free to contact us with ideas & suggestions. Gift shop merchandising now available.
Thank you all for the years of continued support.

~ Greg Lew ~